如果將手套用酒精消毒呢?會是好主意嗎?事實上不然,因為酒精會增加手套橡皮的破皮機會,而且會在橡皮表面上產生孔洞,降低了對穿戴手套者的保護;如果請空服員每次都要脫穿橡皮手套來完成服務,也不切實際。那什麼是最好的方法呢?就是Double Gloving:穿上雙層手套,除了原本的橡膠手套,在外層再套上類似用來吃手扒雞的薄塑膠手套,這些拋棄式的塑膠手套,可以在服務完每位乘客後被迅速的更換掉,是個方便經濟又能落實的選項。




Just a Thought...Dr. Paul Lin's Reminder...

The Murderer is Caught Here! (II) _Glove to Stop or to Spread?


Just when people are wondering why the inbound passengers carried way more confirmed COVID-19 than those from domestic contaminants, most of you might want to blame all the guilt to those countries from which they traveled or boarded.  Nevertheless, I’d like you to pay attention to the very likely super-transmitter in the airplane they took WHO ARE the flight attendants!!!  Because they are now in gloves, and what’s worse, one pair serves all!!!


Yes, TSA and CDC are working tightly together to reduce many high-touch objects, such as self check-in kiosk (you can even waive finger print check), escalator handrails & tray in decreasing potential for community transmission prior to boarding process.  Many efforts are endeavored to ensure that the airplanes are a lot cleaner with many new warning and instructional signs etc……. Though cut down usual services can avoid touching passenger-handled items, but as long as there is but one service or when they move around between the seats wearing the same glove touching the back of the seats one after the other, there is a good chance for spreading.


Gloves are used primarily to protect the service provider.  That explains why high-risk flight attendant got less infected count.  But when providing services to multiple individuals with potential hazards, glove wearers can become the spreader if they choose to stick with the same pair of gloves.  What they should do as what every dentist is doing is to implement One Pair One Patient concept.


Apply alcohol spray after service of each individual is not a good option for sanitizing gloves as it will increase the chance of tearing the rubber or create pinholes thus weaken the protection for the provider.  Asking flight attendants to remove the old and replace with a new pair of rubber glove before each service is not practical either.  What is best way out?  Glove the rubber glove with plastic gloves (those you wear when eating chicken wings)!!!  It’s called Double Gloving.  Disposing the plastic gloves after service of each individual is economical, efficient and practical.


So when you had a chance to take the flight again or dine in a restaurant noticing the service provider wearing gloves, be reminded to kindly give them a new pair of plastic gloves when serving you in this vibrant season of coronal virus.