Just a Thought...Dr. Paul Lin's Reminder...

The Murderer is Caught Here! (I) _About the Toothbrush


 Just when people are still wondering why some patients did not recover from COVID-19's attack like most other patient did after 20 days of medical care or why testing negative can followed by testing positive in such a short time, this is the reason: they may very likely re-infect themselves successfully by using the same TOOTHBRUSH during the course of treatment.


 The 3 days survival of SARS-CoV-2 virus on plastic surfaces means a lot more on your toothbrush (made by nylon: a form of plastic) than on the cover of your cell phone. It is so much as an INCUBATOR as well as a DELIVEROR of the virus directly re-introduce them to the body fool-proof.


  For most instances, remove the toothbrush and replace with a new one appear to be a wise thought when you notice you are at the break of the upper respiratory disease or finishing it.